Fima stampaggio a caldo dei metalli non ferrosi

Hot stamping design and production

In close collaboration with its customers, FIMA's engineers develop and draw the raw items and machined parts. They also design and manufacture the production dies and tools.

Processes to suit customer needs, include the hot stamping of raw pieces, mechanical machining and surface treatment services.

The activities carried out by FIMA involve the following:

  • drawing development for both raw and machined items.
  • design and manufacture of dies and tools.
  • stamping or forging, and some die casting.
  • precision mechanical machining.
  • high quality surface treatments.
  • assembly and packing, including kit assembly.

Production Section

  • Engineering department

    Stamping drawing CAD Systems

    FIMA's Engineering Team use the most advanced CAD systems currently available, utilising 3-D solid modelling techniques to create drawings of manufactured items, stamping dies and special tooling. Formats include DWG, DXF, IGES, Pro-E.

  • Dies and tools

    Dies and tools

    The stamping dies and tooling used in the production processes are manufactured by FIMA, exploiting innovative CAM software and modern NC milling stations, combined with “sling or plunge” electron discharge machining equipment.

  • Printing

    FIMA uses last-generation presses

  • Machining and automation

    Machining and automation

    To fulfil the need for high quality standards, low operating costs and high production efficiency, FIMA has invested in modern CNC Transfer Machines, equipped with fully automated loading and unloading robots.
    Production section

Progetto CAD

Hot stamped brass

The excellent mechanical characteristics of hot stamped brass parts means that they can be used in a vast variety of applications.

FIMA's products include pressure reducers, pipe unions, valves for air, water and gas, accessories for air conditioning & heating systems, bathroom taps & accessories and many other types of quality critical equipment in different types of brass like:

CW617N,  CW612N, CW719N, CW602N, CW625N, CW626N, CW510L, CW511L, CW724R