Production process

Hot stamping design and production

In close collaboration with its customers, FIMA's engineers develop and draw the raw items and machined parts. They also design and manufacture the production dies and tools.

Processes to suit customer needs, include the hot stamping of raw pieces, mechanical machining and surface treatment services.

The activities carried out by FIMA involve the following:

Drawing the design for raw and machined elements

Fima Brass Forging supports its customers with superior technical know-how and offers a co-engineering service, aided by state-of-the-art software, conceived to optimise the end result through tailored approaches, in order to obtain the best product at the lowest production cost.

Design and manufacturing the dies

Decades of experience, a highly-qualified workforce and technologically advanced equipment allow Fima Brass Forging to design and manufacture dies quickly while still paying the utmost attention to quality, so as to ensure the highest levels of precision and durability during both the stamping and machining phases.


The previously-cut extrusion billets reach the stamping phase; the material is shaped at high temperatures to obtain an unfinished piece with outstanding mechanical characteristics which, after the shearing phase, is finally ready to undergo the machining process. Hot stamping ensures size consistency, excellent surface finish and compliance with the ever-stricter tolerances demanded by the target market. Size checking, which takes place once the stamping phase is completed, allows constant monitoring of the piece’s quality.


Fima Brass Forging started off by exclusively supplying stamped pieces. In the late 1990s, however, corporate strategy shifted increasingly towards the production of complex parts, which entails high-precision machining, in order to offer its customers a complete range of products that would be capable of meeting all of their demands.

Surface finishing

Surface finishing is performed either in-house at Fima or by specialised, highly-qualified partners that are carefully selected and regularly monitored. Surface finishing techniques are used to enhance the structural features of a part's surface (as in the case of steel bead blasting, brass shaving blasting and pickling) or to alter its aesthetic appearance (chrome plating, nickel plating, tin plating, zinc plating).

Assembly and packaging

Fima Brass Forging is able to meet all customer demands by supplying fully-assembled products as well as custom packing and packaging solutions tailored to individual needs. The company can also assist customers in selecting specific packing methods, to avoid the risk of damage during transportation while at the same time ensuring the best possible value for money.


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