FIMA uses latest generation presses

Hot Stamping is the process during which raw materials are shaped. This department is equipped with electronically-controlled automatic presses that allow the stamping of horizontal and vertical perforations, both continuous and discontinuous.

The facility also features screw presses with a maximum force up to 900 tons, capable of forging items with a maximum weight of 8 kg.   These machines are capable of producing parts for a variety of sectors: from taps and fittings to automotive and from heating and plumbing to refrigeration, passing from the furniture industry and the field of design.

The high quality of the manufactured products is guaranteed by optical pyrometers which monitor and record the forging temperature.

Here are a few of the alloys that can be provided: CW602N, CW612N, CW617N, CW625N, CW626N, CW713R, CW724R, CW725R, CW510L, CW511L, CW719N.


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